The Complete Guide to Chain

1.6.1 Miniature Chain

Transmission: Office machines and general uses

Application Example

Many users require "smaller, lighter" equipment. The transmission chains for this equipment must also be smaller. Miniature Chains RS11SS (3.7465 mm pitch) and RS15 (4.7625 mm pitch) are designed to fill this request. (See the lower part of Figure 1.22.)

Figure 1.22 Miniature Chain Versus Other Chains
Figure 1.22 Miniature Chain Versus Other Chains

Construction and Features

This is a bushing chain series, which means it does not have rollers. RS11SS is made from 304 stainless steel; RS15 is made from carbon steel. Offset links are not available for Miniature Chains.


There are special sprockets for RS11SS (tooth sizes of 12 through 48) and RS15 (tooth sizes of 11 through 35). Sprockets for RS11SS are made of 304 stainless steel; for RS15 they are carbon steel.

Technical Trend

In the case of small transmissions, toothed belts seem to have advantages over chains.