The Complete Guide to Chain

2.1.3 Plastic Roller Plus Plastic Sleeve Chain

Transmission, conveyance: Maintenance-free type, general uses

Application Example

Plastic Sleeve Chain is used for general purpose with small loads, and under conditions that require maintenance-free or low-noise applications.

Construction and Features

In Plastic Sleeve Chains, the pins and bushings are separated by a sleeve made of self-lubricating engineered plastic. This feature makes the chains maintenance free (Figures 2.5 and 2.6).

Figure 2.5 Plastic Sleeve Chain
Figure 2.5 Plastic Sleeve Chain

Figure 2.6 Plastic Sleeve Chain Versus Other Chains
Figure 2.6 Plastic Sleeve Chain Versus Other Chains

This chain has the features shown below:

  1. A small coefficient of friction (R-Roller): 0.08 versus 0.12 for all-steel chain.
  2. Light weight: 30 percent less than the weight of all-steel chain with R-rollers.
  3. Low noise: the noise made from engaging the sprockets is 5 to 7 dB lower.
  4. In Plastic Sleeve Chain, the maximum allowable tension is one-sixth, and the allowable load of the R-roller is about one-third that of the same-sized all-steel chain (with lubrication).


Use the same sprockets as for Double Pitch Roller Chain.

Application Series

There are special low-noise engineered plastic R-rollers, which can reduce the noise from the standard engineered plastic type by 7 dB. The allowable roller load for low-noise R-rollers is about 30 percent less than standard engineered plastic R-rollers.