The Complete Guide to Chain

2.3 Standard Attachments

Most applications use small pitch conveyor chains with attachments in one of these ways:

The characteristics of the conveyed materials and the working environment are different for each application. Many types of attachments with and without jigs are available.

There are many different types of attachments; it would be difficult for chain manufacturers to satisfy all customer requirements for quality, price, and delivery if every type of special attachment chain were made. There are too many variations. Chain manufacturers need mass production to maintain high quality, reasonable prices, and quick delivery, not small production lots of many different items.

Current standard attachments are established and selected based upon the long history of attachment chain use and demand, and they provide high quality, economy, and quick delivery to meet the majority of customers requirements. For small pitch conveyor chains, standard attachments include: A, K, SA, SK, D-1, and D-3 types.

Standard attachments are available for a wide variety of chains:

In the following sections, we will explain each standard attachment.