The Complete Guide to Chain

3.2 Indexing Table Chain

Precision conveyance: High accuracy, no elongation
Electric, electronic, and precision machinery industries

Application Examples

Indexing Table Chain is used when you need a more accurate conveyance than Bearing Bush Chain, for example, in an assembling machine with 46 stations, a speed of 10 m/min., an index of 1.0 second, and a stopping accuracy of ± 0.15 mm.

Construction and Features

Indexing Table Chain is expensive because each link has seven needle bearings (Figure 3.7). This chain includes the following features:

  1. No elongation.
  2. Each part is measured with precision; the installing accuracy is ± 0.1 mm.
  3. The chain pitch is indicated in millimeters.
  4. Four sizes are standard: 50 to 150 mm with a maximum allowable tension between 0.49 and 1.27 kN.


Special sprockets with 8 or 12 teeth are required.

Figure 3.7 Indexing Table Chain
Figure 3.7 Indexing Table Chain