The Complete Guide to Chain

6.2.1 RF Conveyor Chain

Large conveyance: Basic type, general uses

Application Example

This is the basic chain series of large pitch conveyor chains (Figure 6.2).

Figure 6.2 Large Pitch Conveyor Chain
Figure 6.2 Large Pitch Conveyor Chain
Figure 6.2 Large Pitch Conveyor Chain

Construction and Features

See Basics Section 1.1.


Standard sprockets with 6, 8, 10, and 12 teeth are available for RF Conveyor Chains with R-rollers. For S-rollers, sprockets with 15 and 25 teeth (7.5 and 12.5 effective teeth, respectively) are also available.

The sprockets are sorted into four types according to size, usage, and budget:

  1. Plain bore.
  2. Finished bore with keyway.
  3. Equipped with POWER-LOCK®, a keyless locking device (Figure 6.3).
  4. Detachable tooth.

Figure 6.3 RF Conveyor Sprocket with POWER-LOCK Keyless Locking Device
Figure 6.3 RF Conveyor Sprocket with POWER-LOCK® Keyless Locking Device

Selection and Handling

Although connecting links are easy to use, the rigidity and strength of the connecting links is less than the other links. If strength is an issue, consider the use of outer links instead of connecting links. Special tools are available to assemble outer links. Check with the manufacturer.

Chains for Special Applications

  1. Bearing-roller series: Lower coefficient of friction and larger allowable roller load.
  2. Plastic roller series: Bushings and rollers are maintenance free.
  3. Plastic sleeve series: Pins and bushings are maintenance free.