The Complete Guide to Chain

1.2.2 Conveyance Uses

Conveyor systems use either chains, belts, or rollers, depending on the application. The general guidelines for suitability are shown in Table 1.2, and discussed in Basics Section 1.2.1.

Belt conveyors are most suitable for large-volume movement of bulk materials. Except for this situation, chains, belts, and rollers are generally difficult to compare in terms of capacity, speed, or distance of conveyance of unit materials.

NOTE: In this discussion, bulk materials refer to items like grain or cement that may shift during conveyance. Unit materials, such as automobiles or cardboard, are stable when conveyed.

Table 1.2
Conveyor Type ChainBelt Roller
Bulk Handling Excellent Excellent Poor
Unit Handling Excellent Good
Only for light conveyor
Dust in Conveying Bulky Goods Excellent Poor/Good
(Good for closed conveyor)
Space Required SmallLargeLarge

Excellent Excellent Good Good Poor Poor