The Complete Guide to Chain

4.2.3 Selection of Chain Type and Specification

A conveyor design can use a variety of chains, depending on the type of operation, conditions, and material conveyed. Here we present a few points of notice about selection.

  1. Consider RF, RS, or TP chain first. Typical applications are outlined in Table 4.4.
  2. If there are no special temperature or environment concerns, and if the chain is not subject to rough usage, you can use plastic roller or RF-B chain. This reduces the amount of friction.
  3. When you require accurate stopping location or must avoid chain elongation, select RFN.
  4. NF is suitable for rough use and for conveyance of high-temperature objects.
Table 4.4 Determination by Usage
Type of Chain Pitch Roller Type Center Distance Conveyed Material
Weight Size Rigidity
RS Attachment ChainShortSShortLightSmallLow
RF Double Pitch ChainMedR•SMedLightSmall ~MedMid
RF Conveyor ChainLongR•F•SLongMed ~HeavyMed ~LargeHigh
Table Top ChainMedN/AMedLightSmall ~MedLow