The Complete Guide to Chain

4.2.5 Chain Pitch Decision

There is only one pitch for any given small pitch conveyor chain, double pitch roller chain, and RS attachment chain. Therefore, if you decide on the chain size according to strength, you must also determine the chain pitch at the same time. Chain pitch is measured in inches.

There are a couple of chain pitches for each size of large pitch RF conveyor chain. You must first choose the right size, then select the chain pitch. Large pitch chain is measured in millimeters.

The spacing of conveyed objects and the relationship between the sprocket diameter and amount of available space can impact the chain-pitch decision. For example, when pushing unit materials with a pusher at intervals of 2 m, you must select a chain pitch that is a multiple: 50, 100, 200, 250, 500 mm.

In general, here is how larger pitch chain compares to smaller pitch chain:

  1. Larger pitch chain costs less.
  2. Attachments on larger pitch chain are stronger.
  3. Because of the decrease in the number of teeth in the sprockets, chordal action is greater.
  4. Larger pitch chain systems tend to be noisier.
  5. The pin and the bushings of larger pitch chain wear faster.