The Complete Guide to Chain

5.1.1 Use of Steel Chains in High Temperatures

When heat-treated chains are run in temperatures higher than their tempering limits, the following problems may occur:

To prevent lubricant deterioration at high temperatures, use a special lubricant. Table 5.1 shows the transmission capability of power transmission roller chains with high-temperature lubricant. Check the manufacturer's catalog for additional information.

When chains are used in temperatures above 250°C, pay special attention to the composition and heat-treatment of the chain. The most popular type of chain for high temperature is SS specification, which is made of 304 stainless steel, and has a maximum working temperature of 650°C at low speeds. However, to maintain an adequate safety margin at a high temperature like this, we suggest you use NS-specification chain. NS chain is made of 316 stainless steel, which contains molybdenum and less carbon. NS specification has worked at low speed in environments up to 700°C.

If your operation runs at temperatures higher than 400°C, consult the manufacturer before making your chain selection. Production methods and materials may be specially adapted for your application.

Table 5.1 Transmission Capabilities with High-Temperature Lubricants
Operating Temperature Calculation1
Up to 150°CMAX
150°C to 200°CMAX × 3/4
200°C to 250°CMAX × 1/2
Over 250°COut of Use

1MAX = Maximum allowable load as shown in the manufacture's catalog