The Complete Guide to Chain

6.2.1 Horizontal Conveyor Arrangement

  1. Guide rail arrangement
    Chain slack may be eliminated by supporting the entire return side with a guide rail and installing a take-up on the driven shaft. The typical arrangement is shown in Figure 6.6 (1). This arrangement can be adapted for reversing drives.
  2. Guide rail with catenary arrangement
    Support the return chain side, in part, and have a catenary section as shown in Figure 6.6 (2) through (5). There are many advantages to this arrangement. The guide rail with catenary makes it easier to manage excessive chain (caused by temperature or abrasion) and to maintain proper tension. This arrangement is applicable to low-speed drives. The amount of sag should be 10 percent of the span. It is not appropriate for conveyors with reversing drives.
  3. Bottomside conveying arrangement
    The return side is on top in this arrangement. It is possible to make the return side act as the catenary take-up. Caution must be exercised so that the two sides of the chain don't touch each other.

Figure 6.6 Horizontal Conveyor Arrangements
Figure 6.6 Horizontal Conveyor Arrangements