The Complete Guide to Chain

1.2.1 Super Roller Chain

High performance: General uses

Application Example

Super Roller Chains are generally used in compact drives because they have high maximum allowable tension. (See Figure 1.3.)

Figure 1.3 Super Roller Chain
Figure 1.3 Super Roller Chain

Construction and Features

Super Roller Chains are constructed for added fatigue strength (Table 1.2). In addition, there are several characteristics that distinguish Super Roller Chains.

  1. Appearance
    • The plate shape is almost flat.
    • Quad-staked riveting on the pin helps hold the link plate.
    • The roller is seamless, not curled.
  2. Construction
    • The pins are made of through hardened steel, which provides toughness rather than surface hardness.
    • The link plate holes are ball drifted. This process involves pressing a steel ball through the hole of the link plate. The steel ball is slightly larger than the diameter of the hole, which creates residual compressive stress.
    • Connecting link plates are press fit to maintain the higher fatigue resistance.
    • The middle link plates of multiple strand chain's connecting link are not press fit. They are specially constructed for higher fatigue strength.
    • Connecting links are fitted with high-strength spring pins.
Table 1.2 Super Roller Chain Compared to ANSI Standard Roller Chain
  Average Tensile Strength Maximum Allowable Load
RS100118 kN22.6 kN
SUPER 100127 kN30.4 kN

Because of these features, Super Roller Chains offer higher maximum allowable tension, greater tensile strength, and increased shock resistance. Table 1.2 shows a comparison between Number 100 Super Roller Chain and Standard Roller Chain. Number 100 Super Roller Chain performs at the same level as RS120. Both have a maximum allowable tension of 30.4 kN.


High performance chain usually requires carbon steel sprockets. Cast iron sprockets with few teeth may lack adequate strength. Steel sprockets are available for single or multiple strand. Check the keyway strength of the sprockets before ordering to make sure they provide enough strength.

Selection and Handling

Super Roller Chains are available in sizes 80 through 240. Smaller chains (≤60), stainless steel chains, and offset links are not available in Super Roller Chain.

When installing Super Roller Chain, do not use the connecting link from Standard Roller Chain. Only special press fit connecting links should be used with Super Roller Chains.

Super Roller Chains are susceptible to wear and elongation. Therefore, it is very important to provide proper lubrication. (Refer to manufacturer's catalog for details.)