The Complete Guide to Chain

1.2.2 Super-H Roller Chain

Heavy transmission

Application Example

Super-H Roller Chains are used in compact and heavy drives. (See Figure 1.4.) They have greater maximum allowable load, increased tensile strength, and smaller elastic elongation compared to the same-sized RS Roller Chain.

Figure 1.4 Super-H Roller Chain
Figure 1.4 Super-H Roller Chain

Construction and Features

The link plates on Super-H Roller Chain are thicker. In fact, the thickness of the link plate is the same as the next-larger-sized Super Roller Chains. Table 1.3 compares data on number 100 chains.

Table 1.3 Super-H Roller Chain Compared to ANSI Standard Roller Chain
  Average Tensile Strength Maximum Allowable Load
RS100118 kN22.6 kN
SUPER 100-H145 kN32.4 kN