The Complete Guide to Chain

1.2.3 RS-HT Roller Chain

Heavy transmission: Construction machines, agriculture machines, and tension applications

Application Example

RS-HT Roller Chains have higher tensile strength and less elastic elongation in comparison with RS Roller Chains. These characteristics are good for "lifting" applications (at low cycles), construction machines, and agriculture equipment (Figure 1.5).

Figure 1.5 RS-HT Roller Chain
Figure 1.5 RS-HT Roller Chain

Construction and Features

Compared with RS Roller Chains, RS-HT Roller Chains have the features shown below and in Table 1.4.


  1. Link plate thickness is equal to the next-larger chain.
  2. Quad-staked riveting on the pin head helps hold the link plate on the pin.
  3. Rollers are seamless, not curled.
Table 1.4 RS-HT Roller Chain Compared to ANSI Standard Roller Chain
  Average Tensile Strength Maximum Allowable Load
RS100118 kN22.6 kN
SUPER 100-HT142 kN24.5 kN