The Complete Guide to Chain

1.2.4 Ultra Super Chain

Super-heavy transmission

Application Example

Ultra Super Chain has the highest tensile strength and greatest allowable tension of any chain that can mate with a standard sprocket. These features also allow the drive train of the equipment to be smaller. (See Figure 1.6.)

Figure 1.6 Ultra Super Roller Chain
Figure 1.6 Ultra Super Roller Chain

Construction and Features

Ultra Super Chains have the same chain pitch, roller diameter, and width between inner link plates as ANSI Standard Chain. However, the link plate thickness is the same as the next-larger chain. The pin diameter is larger than ANSI Standard Chains. Table 1.5 compares RS100 Roller Chain and 100 Ultra Super Chain. In this chain series, both the average tensile strength and maximum allowable tension are increased, even over Super-H Chains. Number 100 Ultra Super Chains have the same maximum tension as RS140, which is two sizes larger.

Table 1.5 comparison of ANSI Standard Chain (RS) with Ultra Super Chain (US)
  Average Tensile Strength Maximum Allowable Load
RS100118 kN22.6 kN
US100172 kN39.2 kN


See "Super Roller Chain" Section.

Selection and Handling

  1. Choose these chains using the guidelines for low-speed selection.
  2. Ultra Super Chain is available in sizes 100 through 240. (Number 180 is not available.)
  3. Ultra Super Chain is not available in multiple strand.
  4. Due to the hardness of plates being higher than other carbon steel roller chains, Ultra Super Chains have a greater risk of hydrogen embrittlement. Other points of notice are the same as Super-H Roller Chain.