The Complete Guide to Chain

4.2.1 TTP Top Chain

Top Chain: Engineered plastic for linear performance

Application Example

Bottling and canning

TTP Top Chains are used in linear conveyors to transport or accumulate materials that could be easily scratched, such as bottles or cans. Set-ups may use one or more strands of chain.

Construction and Features

  1. In TTP Top Chain, individual top plates made of molded polyacetal are connected using 304 stainless steel pins (Figure 4.4). Due to its simple construction, the chain can be easily washed and cleaned. The basic information is shown in Table 4.2.
  2. Table 4.3 shows the dimensions and function availability for selected TTP Top Chains. In addition to the ones shown in the table, TTP Top Chains are produced in the following widths: 63.5, 76.2, 101.6, 114.3, 127.0, 152.4, and 165.1 mm. Check with the manufacturer about the types of chains available.
  3. Double-hinged TTP Top Chains have wider hinges than standard chains, and are available in Top widths of 190.5, 254, and 304.8 mm. Use 25-tooth sprockets (12.5 effective teeth) for these chains.

Figure 4.4 TTP Top Chain
Figure 4.4 TTP Top Chain

Table 4.2 Profile of TTP Top Chain
Chain Pitch (mm) Bushing Diameter (mm) Maximum Allowable Load (kN) Sprocket Outer Diameter of Idler Wheel
Number of Teeth P.C.D. Steel Plastic
38.1 12.7 0.83 9.5 117.33 Available N/A
10.5 129.26 Available Available 130
11.5 141.22 Available Available 142.5
12.5 153.20 Available Available 154.5 (Segmented)
Table 4.3 Top Plate Dimensions
Top Plate Width (mm) Standard Low- Friction Heat- Resistant Anti Chemical Electro- conductive Plastic Pin
82.6 Available Available N/A Available Available Available
114.3 Available Available N/A Consult Manufacturer Available Available
190.1 Available Available N/A Consult Manufacturer Available Available

Available : Available


Use special sprockets for TTP Top Chain. Chains may slide off the steel sprocket due to uneven load distribution or misalignment. There are optional guide rings for steel sprockets to prevent this. Engineered plastic sprockets have integral guides at every tooth, or every second tooth.

An engineered plastic idler pulley may be substituted for the sprocket at the tail shaft. The idler pulley rotates freely, without bearings, on the fixed steel shaft.

NOTE: Excessive chain tension can damage the idler pulley.