The Complete Guide to Chain

4.2.2 TP Top Chain

Top Chain: Engineered plastic for linear conveyance

Application Example

TP Top Chains are used for linear conveying. Applications are similar to the TTP series (Figure 4.5).

Construction and Features

  1. There are two specifications of TP Top Chain: Type I and Type II. If you are developing a new application, consider Type II Chain (Figure 4.5). It offers higher wear resistance than Type I.
  2. Tables 4.4 and 4.5 show the main characteristics and available top-plate widths for different chain series.

Figure 4.5 TP Top Chain (Type II)
Figure 4.5 TP Top Chain (Type II)

Table 4.4 TP Top Chain and Sprockets
Chain Pitch (mm) Bushing Diameter (mm) Maximum Allowable Load (kN) Sprocket
Number of Teeth P.C.D. Steel Plastic
38.1 12.7
(Type I) 15.2
(Type II)
1.181 10 123.29 Available N/A
10.5 129.26 Available Available
11 135.23 Available N/A
12 147.21 Available Available
12 159.20 Available N/A

1Refer to manufacturer's catalog for Heat-Resistant series data

Table 4.5 TP Top Chain Special Feature Availability
Top Plate Width (mm) Standard Low- Friction Heat- Resistant Anti Chemical Plastic Pin
76.2 Available Available N/A Available N/A
82.6 Available Available N/A/Available Available N/A/Available
101.6 N/A/Available N/A/Available N/A N/A/Consult Manufacturer N/A
114.3 N/A/Available N/A/Available N/A N/A/Consult Manufacturer N/A
127.0 N/A/Available N/A/Available N/A N/A/Consult Manufacturer N/A

Note: Two symbols in one cell stand for Type I/Type II. Available : Available


For TP Type II Top Chains, use sprockets for TTU type. Twelve-tooth split sprockets made of engineered plastic (P.D. 147.21) are also available.

An engineered plastic idler pulley may be substituted for the sprocket at the tail shaft. The idler pulley rotates freely, without bearings, on the fixed steel shaft.

NOTE: Excessive chain tension can damage the idler pulley.

When operating in high temperatures, use steel sprockets. If the temperature is higher than 150°C, contact the manufacturer.

Chains for Special Applications

RS2040P chain series, with a top plate width of 50 mm, has a pitch of 25.4 mm. This is smaller than standard Top Plate Chain, which has a pitch of 38.1 mm. With RS2040P, you can use smaller sprockets with 19 teeth (9.5 effective teeth, P.D. 78.23) and select a base material that meets the specific operating conditions, for example, electroconductive, chemical-resistant, super chemical-resistant, or heat-resistant.