The Complete Guide to Chain

4.2.8 TO Crescent Top Plate Chain

Steel Top Chain: For curved movement

Application Example

TO Crescent Top Plate Chain is available for general uses.

Figure 4.12 TO Crescent Top Plate Chain
Figure 4.12 TO Crescent Top Plate Chain

Construction and Features

  1. Based on RS80 Roller Chain, TO Top Plate Chain is triple pitch (76.2 mm). It can follow any horizontal direction because the top plates installed on each chain link are crescent shaped (Figure 4.12).
  2. You can connect or disconnect this chain at each chain link.
  3. There are three widths of top plates: 82.6, 114.3, and 117.8 mm.
  4. Standard (S) or large (R) rollers are available.
  5. Standard type has carbon steel base chain and top plates made of 430 stainless steel. The SS-type is entirely made of 304 stainless steel.
  6. When the chain is used horizontally, pay special attention to prevent the chain from hanging down. Support top plates with a top plate guide near the sprocket. Use guide rails in other sections of the conveyor.


Use special sprockets. For TOS Chain (S-rollers), use 31 teeth (effective teeth: 10 1/3, P.D. 254.59 mm), for TOR Chain (R-rollers), use 11 teeth (P.D. 270.47 mm).

Selection and Handling

  1. Guiding at the curve: With R-rollers, you can guide the chain with sprockets or guide rails. With S-rollers, you can guide with sprockets, but not with guide rails.
  2. TO Chain is available with nickel plating or all 304 stainless steel.
    Contact the manufacturer for information.

Chains for Special Applications

  1. TO Top Chains with engineered plastic top plates, plates with bushings, and rollers are available for low-noise, light-weight applications (width: 114.3 mm). Check with the manufacturer.
  2. TU series is designed to operate in any of three directions. (See Figure 4.13.)

Figure 4.13 TU Crescent Top Chain Can Operate in Three Directions
Figure 4.13 TU Crescent Top Chain Can Operate in Three Directions