The Complete Guide to Chain

4.2.7 TTU Top Chain

Steel Top Chain: For curved conveyance. Bottles, paper containers, or general materials

Application Example

TTU Top Chain is used for curved conveyance of beer bottles, cosmetic bottles, paper containers, or general materials (Figure 4.11).

Figure 4.11 TTU Top Chain
Figure 4.11 TTU Top Chain

Construction and Features

  1. To accomplish curved movement, TTU Top Chain has oval-shaped hinges and float-prevention tabs for curved guide rails. These two features differentiate TTU chain from the TT series.
  2. Table 4.12 shows the main characteristics of TTU Top Chain.
  3. There are four widths of top plates: 63.5, 82.6, 114.3, and 190.5 mm.
Table 4.12 Characteristics of TTU Top Plate Chain
Chain Pitch (mm) Bushing Diameter (mm) Maximum Allowable Load (kN) Sprocket Outer Diameter of Plastic Idler Wheel
Number of Teeth P.C.D. Steel Plastic
38.1 12.7 2.16 10.5 129.26 Available Available 130
11.5 141.22 Available Available 142.5
12.5 153.20 Available Available 154.5
(Split is available)

Available : Available