The Complete Guide to Chain

4.2.6 TS Top Chain

Steel Top Chain: For linear conveyance. General uses

Application Example

TS Top Chain is used for linear conveyance. TS-P type allows on-loading and unloading objects along direction of chain movement, when a single strand of chain is used. When objects are conveyed or moved across several strands of chains, TS-PA type works effectively. (Figure 4.10 shows TS-P type.)

Construction and Features

  1. In TS Top Chain, top plates are projection-welded onto RS Double Pitch Roller Chain (RS2060-S).
  2. Table 4.11 shows the main functions of the chain.

Chains for Special Applications

  1. Nickel-plated and 304 stainless steel are available.
  2. The lubrication-free LAMBDA® series (NP-P-LAMBDA, NP-PA-LAMBDA) offers extended chain wear life without additional lubrication (not suit-able for wet or dusty conditions).

Figure 4.10 TS Top Chain (P-Type)
Figure 4.10 TS Top Chain (P-Type)

Table 4.11 TS Top Chain and Sprockets
Chain Pitch (mm) Bushing Diameter (mm) Maximum Allowable Load (kN) Sprocket
Number of Teeth P.C.D. Steel Plastic
38.1 12.7
(Type I) 11.91
2.94 (P, NP-type)
1.03 (SS-type)
9.5 117.34 Available Available
10.5 129.26 Available Available
11.5 141.22 Available Available
12.5 153.20 Available Available

Available : Available