The Complete Guide to Chain

4.2.5 TT Top Chain

Steel Top Chain: For linear conveyance, including bottling, paper containers, general uses

Application Example

TT Top Chain is used for linear conveyance of beer and cosmetic bottles, paper containers, or general products.

Construction and Features

  1. TT Top Chain consists of stainless steel top plates with rolled hinges and connecting pins. Due to its simple construction, the chain is easy to clean, and it meets the requirements of sanitary environments. (Figure 4.9).
  2. There are two standard types of TT Top Chain: N-type has 304 stainless steel pins and 430 stainless steel plates; SS-type is made entirely of 304 stainless steel.
  3. Table 4.10 shows the main functions of this chain.
  4. There are eight widths of top plates: 63.5, 76.2, 82.6, 101.6, 114.3, 127.0, 152.4, and 190.5 mm. The top plates have beveled (or chamfered) edges, which permit smooth loading or accumulating of conveyed objects, such as bottles.

Figure 4.9 TT Top Chain
Figure 4.9 TT Top Chain


Use special sprockets for this chain.

If you use steel sprockets, make sure to install guide rings to prevent the chain from sliding off. This can happen if materials are unevenly distributed on the chain, or if the chain is misaligned.

Split engineered plastic sprockets come with guides on every tooth or every other tooth. Therefore, guide rings are not necessary. Maintenance on split sprockets is quite simple. They are easy to install and remove from the shaft.

An engineered plastic idler pulley may be substituted for the sprocket at the tail shaft. The idler pulley rotates freely, without bearings, on the fixed steel shaft.

NOTE: Excessive chain tension can damage the idler pulley.

Table 4.10 TT Top Chain Characteristics
Chain Pitch (mm) Bushing Diameter (mm) Maximum Allowable Load (kN) Sprocket Outer Diameter of Plastic Idler Wheel
Number of Teeth P.C.D. Steel Plastic
38.1 12.7 1.47 (N-type)
2.16 (ss-type)
10.5 129.26 Available Available 130
11.5 141.22 Available Available 142.5
12.5 153.20 Available Available 154.5
(Split is available)

Available : Available

Chains for Special Applications

Special finishes on the upper part of the plate are available. The ground type has a fine finish to allow for extra-smooth sliding of conveyed bottles. The anti-abrasion finish has hard chrome plating on the upper side of the top plate.