The Complete Guide to Chain

6.4 Standard Attachments

Large pitch conveyor chains are usually used with attachments. These attachments are divided into the following categories:

Attachment styles and nomenclature for large pitch chains are the same as for small pitch chain. (See Applications Sections 2.3 to 2.5.)

The standard attachments for large pitch conveyor chains are A, K, SA, SK, G, and RFD type. These attachments are available on the following types of chains:

Refer to Applications Section 2.3 for descriptions of these types of attachments:

  1. A attachment
  2. K attachment
  3. SA attachment
  4. SK attachment
  5. G attachment

One plate in a pair has bolt holes. These are used to install buckets on two sets of chains (Figure 6.39).

Figure 6.39 G-4 Attachments
Figure 6.39 G-4 Attachments

  1. RFD attachments

The upper side of the link plate is tall; it actually sticks above the R-roller (Figure 6.40). Therefore, conveyed objects can be placed directly on the chain. This is a very economical design.

Figure 6.40 RFD Attachments
Figure 6.40 RFD Attachments