The Complete Guide to Chain

3. Public Standards of Chains

Because chain is widely used throughout the world, there are both international and domestic standards to guarantee their interchangeability and functions. Table 3.1 shows the primary standards.

Table 3.1 Standards for Major Types of Chains 1
Chain Category ANSI Standard ISO Standard JIS Standard
Power Transmission Roller ChainANSI B 29.1MISO 606JIS B 1801
Power Transmission Bushed ChainANSI B 29.1MISO 1395JIS B 1801
Power Transmission SprocketANSI B 29.1MISO 606JIS B 1802
Heavy-Duty ChainANSI B 29.1MISO 3512 
Bicycle Chain ISO 9633JIS D 9417
Motorcycle Chain ISO 10190JCAS 12
Leaf ChainANSI B 29.8MISO 4347JIS B 1804
Double Pitch Conveyor Chain & SprocketANSI B 29.4ISO 1275JIS B 1803
Power Transmission Roller Chain with AttachmentANSI B 29.5 JIS B 1801
Conveyor ChainANSI B 29.15ISO 1977/1~3JCAS 22
  1. The contents of each standard for a category may vary from group to group.
  2. JCAS indicates the Japan Chain Association Standard